Remarked Athlon XP [ March, 2004 ]

We found the Remarked Athlon on the market in France.

Attention! Remarked Athlon XP Processor, again. [03/11/2004]

Troublesome Athlon whose bridge is not especially normal was found in France.
It may be better to buy the Retail package of AMD, when you are going to buy Athlon CPU. When you are going to buy the Bulk, please confirm well the part to which it is pointed out by the blue line of a figure. Then, detailed explanation is started.

AIUCB0346DKV3D 9703563411213

In Palomino, OPN was directly written to Core by Laser marking. However, it is written to the label now. Be careful of the Remarked it.

It is not checked formally although I think that this is remarked Athlon.

Comparison of the Laser pit, and Marking

With the following photographs, the figure shows the normal bridges of the Athlon XP2600. By comparing this figure and the bridges, you will notice the difference in the marks of laser.

L3, L12 bridges

L3 multiplier looks like 11.5X with this photograph. But normal 2600DKV3D must be 12.5x. However, it turns out that this CPU is recognized by 12.5x. Is this small pit of L3 [1] in sight as for you?

L12 means FSB clock. FSB clock seems to be 133 with this photograph. But normal 2600DKV3D must be 167.


Abnormalities are felt also for the Marking of a product. It turns out that type face of th of Athlon is different. The company considers that a trademark is very important. Thus, I cannot consider that it is different. Moreover, it is also strange that there is no serif in the character of I in AIUHB.

L11 means core voltage. Core voltage seems to be 1.4V with this photograph. But normal 2600DKV3D must be 1.65V. However, it is a problem that it is recognized as 1.65V also in the state of this photograph. This is considered that the bridge has filled by electric conductive material. Is small pit visible to you?

We know that the same thing as this exists also in the following pages.

Attention! Remarked AMD Athlon XP Processors On the Market

These photographs were received from jerome of France. Thank you.