Remarked Athlon XP?, or normal. [ July, 2004 ]

We found mysterious Athlon XP in the Japanese market.

True or False? It may not be Athlon XP 3200+. [07/20/2004]

The label of Athlon XP 3200+ who does not operate normally is the following.
My suspecting is that the character of Athlon is not normal. Furthermore, 2D matrix code also differs from the usual product. Although these two points are doubtful.....

The following photographs are the labels of a normal product. Please observe the "t" in the character of athlon. You will also notice the difference in the number of cells of 2D matrix code.

The character after "AX" is not necessarily the same depending on a product. Therefore, judgment of being truth cannot be performed only in this part.


Unexpected one, all bridges are normal. You will notice L3 and L5 bridge being the same as nomal Athlon XP 3200+.

True or False? ... The judgment is difficult.

I think as follows. However, the right judgment is not necessarily obtained only in this part.


BBS(Japanese) mysterious Athlon XP3200+NF2U 2004/07/17 01:50:13