Remarked Athlon XP [ June, 2003 ]

We found that there are some remarked Athlon XP processors in Japan.

Attention! Remarked Athlon XP Processors On the Market [06/28/2003]

We know that the normal the Athlon XP2400+ processor will operate by 1.65V. However, we were surprised to know that this Athlon XP processor operates by 1.8V.

AIUHB0303MPM 9316453231510
AIUHB0303MPM 9316453231518
AIUHB0309MPM 9571572251219
It is thought that operating by 1.8V although it must be 1.65V specification, since the OPN showing core voltage is K has abnormalities in a product.
The expansion picture of a product (New window 144k)

Why does actual core voltage differ from specification?

We consider it sure that this cause is in L11 bridges.
Although it must originally be VID=1.65 with the following photographs, it is a problem that it is the same as VID=1.60. Probably it is reconstruction using AXDA1800DUT3C.

AXDA **** DLT3C L=1.50V
AXDA **** DUT3C U=1.60v
AXDA **** DKT3C K=1.65v
Although the bridge of VID=1.8V was shown for comparison, the product whose core voltage is 1.8V does not exist in an actual product.

Comparison of The Marking

Remarked Athlon XP 2400+

AIUHB0303MPM Img(New window)

AIUHB0309MPM Img(New window)

Normal Athlon XP

There are abnormalities also in L3 bridges.

The L3 bridges differed from normal XP2400+. It seems that it is the same as AXDA1800DUT3C by appearance. This cannot be seen from a photograph, though regrettable. We think that some L3 bridges may be buried with a conductive material.

We know that the same thing as this exists also in the following pages.

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