You should not buy the Sempron2800+.

The shipment from AMD of the SocketA Sempron has already stopped. You should think that many of Sempron2800 that exists in the market is a fake.

Then, please look at the photograph of the genuine Sempron 2800 first.
Reference : Image of the genuine AMD Sempron2800, 720x720px

This photograph is L11 bridge of genuine Sempron2800 +. The L11 sets the core voltage of CPU, and 1.60V is supplied to Sempron by this pattern. This time, please watch the L11 bridges. You will be able to find doubtful Sempron by this comparison.

  • Nothing is processed to the L8 bridges.
  • There are two pits in the L3 bridges.
  • 1.6V : Bridge of L11[1] and L11[3] is open.

Remarked Sempron 2800+ from Poland [Novembar 27, 2006]

We received the report of the remarked Sempron2800+ from Poland. Thank you.
The first report is Mr. SzYnA.

Mr. SzYnA wrote:

I have "little" big problem with my processor Sempron2800+. I bought it in February 06. Some time ago i checked CPU temperature. It was about 51-56C@WinXP only (with win-amp and internet communicator). I thought my cooler is too poor (Spire WhisperRock V) and I changed it to CoolerMaster Aero 7 Lite. Temperature fall about 5 degrees down. Then I was searching for working temperature of sempron2800+ and I found this sites:


Mr. SzYnA wrote:

After read I checked Vcore on MoBo measure.

It was 1.78V so I thought my processor can be the overclocked Geode NX (or something else). I get my Sempron out, take some photos and carry it to shop where i bought it. After 3 days in service they said that I was overclocking (because I wrote the Vcore was 1.78) this processor. At service this processor worked on 1.6V but in tests it hangs (?). Early (in my computer) it works very stable - it wasn't hang the computer anything but. The shop where I bought this CPU send it to distributor.

I appreciate your report.
There is a problem that the detected voltage is not ratings. The rated voltage of the Sempron2800 is 1.60V.

Distributor wrote that:
they can't check is this CPU original - or is it fake. They only can send to their distributor to expert's report, etc... but its to late for complaint. I don't know what I should to do when they say that everything is OK and the processor is original (I'm almost sure it's not!)

I added the photos of my "unlucky" CPU. What can You say about this photos? The modifications are (hard but) visibly. Any opionion will be very helpful to prove that is a remarked CPU so thanks for reply.

You will recognize that it is the remarked CPU only in this photograph.

It is 1.775V according to an illegal modification.

Please look at the photograph of this L11L8. As for this CPU, it is understood that it is a mobile version. And, the core voltage ratings are 1.10V. This is not Sempron2800.

Therefore, it can be judged that the original of this CPU is GeodeNX1250.

If you discovered it in the market, we will recommend the important information to be offered to AMD.
And, let's exclude it from the market.

L3 and L12 bridges also have dent. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in a genuine product.

Remarked Sempron 2800+ from France (ebay) [Novembar 28, 2006]

We received the report of the remarked Sempron2800+ from spain. Thank you.
The next report is Mr. Oscar Garcia.

Mr. Oscar Garcia wrote:
Hello there... i just bought in ebay a Sempron 2800+ but reading your page and analysing the microprocessor i think it's a remarked one... i send you a photo ... i'll appreciate if you could confirm my suspicions... thanks in advance... by the way, i'm from spain but the seller is from France (it's an ebay powerseller).

Enlarge of image

Thank you for your mail. There was no product that there is an irregular bridge in Sempron. Therefore, it is a remarked. You will think that GeodeNX1750 is just like your Sempron.

It can be judged that the original of this CPU is GeodeNX1750.

Thank you for your report

We got the permission of opening mail to the public.

  • Mr. SzYnA form Poland.
  • Mr. Oscar Garcia form Spain.

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