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Remarked Sempron 2800+ [ March 02, 2006 ]

We received the report that there was unnatural Sempron 2800+ on the market in Germany.
In addition, a similar thing was found also in Finland, Moscow, Czech, France, ebay USA and Germany-2

Attention! Remarked Sempron Processor of the SocketA [ March 02, 2006 ]

We got the report to find the Sempron with the problem from Germany. Thank you. I hear that abnormality was found in the detected voltage and the state of the bridge in this CPU. Some certainly doubtful points were found from this photograph.

The OPN label is being written AMD Sempron SDA2800DUT3D. This shows CPU for desktop for which the thoroughbred core is used, and ratings are the following.

However, common feature to Mobile CPU such as Athlon XP-M and Geode NX was seen in this CPU.
Enlarge of image

AMD Sempron Processor SocketA - [ Process:130nm, L2 Cache:256k]
AMD Sempron Processor CPUID=681[Thoroughbred]
SDA 2800(2.0GHz) DUT3DOPGA1.6090333L2=256k

OPN sticker

Please attention to the character of AMD and Sempron of the OPN label. In The truth Sempron, the character of AMD and Sempron is almost the same thickness, and a bold font is used. However, because the character written Sempron is thin in this Sempron, it looks poor.

Remarked Sempron 2800+

Remarked Sempron 2800+

The true AMD Sempron ( For reference )

L bridges of fake Sempron2800+

It turns out as watching the L bridges whether it is fake Sempron.

It is L6 bridge. There is no laser pit in this L6 bridge in CPU for desktop like Athlon XP and Sempron, etc. at all.

It is only mobile CPU that in the L6 bridge with the laser pit. The ratings multiplier can be originally presumed to be 10.5X from this pit.

The true Sempron doesn't have the pit in L6.

The L8 bridge is not used in CPU for desktop either. They are all closed without the exception. However, there is a laser pit in this photograph. Moreover, it is unnatural that the pit is in the center of the L11 bridge.

There is a laser pit in both L8 and L11 the feature of mobile CPU. The rated voltage can be estimated to be 1.25V from the state of this L8.

The true Sempron doesn't have the pit in L8.

What is this?

I got this report from Mr. J.Mittelstaedt of Germany. When depending on it. The voltage of this Sempron 2800 was 1.725V and automatic detected according to purchase. The rated voltage of Sempron 2800 is 1.60V. Therefore, we think that it is a remark. Maybe, it might be Geode NX1750.

This CPU is being investigated by AMD now. (March 01) ......Afterwards, there was an answer from AMD. (March 02)
AMD has now confirmed that the Processor is remarked.

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An additional report that relates to this is the following.

Remarked Sempron 2800 in Finland [ March 24, 2006 ]

It is a continued report of doubtful Sempron in a European market. The following photographs have been sent by Finland. When this is seen, it is understood that CPU is not Sempron.

There is an abnormal laser pit in these bridges. Judging from the bridges, the original CPU is Geode NX 1750.

The report from Mr. S.Ahvenlammi of Finland is the following.

Here is a picture of one Socket A Sempron 2800+. It is remarked AMD Geode processor as you can see from OPN sticker. This processor was bought from one Finnish computer component store a couple of weeks ago. I have sent processor back to them and they will investicate what is going on. Most likely it has been shipped to Finland from Germany.

OPN sticker

You will be able to read the character of Geode according to the expectation.

Remarked Sempron 2800 in Russia [ March 25, 2006 ]

There was a report from Moscow. The following CPU will be sure to be a fake.

Judging from the bridges, the original CPU is Geode NX 1750.

The report from Mr.VeT of Moscow is the following.

I purchased today this CPU in Moscow. Motherboard (Abit NF7-S rev. 2.0) detected it as Sempron 2800+ (166MHz x 12), but V_core was 1.775 V. After several minutes of work my computer was turned off itself. With the reduced operating frequency the work of computer became stable.

Enlarge of image

Remarked Sempron 2800 in Czech Republic [ April 10, 2006 ]

We got the report from Mr.Ferroun of Czech Republic. It is the following.

I'm from Czech Republic and I found on AMD Forums the thread about remarked Semprons 2800+ just one day after I bought it. After some checks I realized, that my new proc is almost sure fake also. I'm writing you only for to let you know, that also in CZ there are some fakes on market :-( I'd appreciate, if you could public this on your web.

More information will be obtained in the photograph than my strange English. Please refer to the following for an original photograph and a related content.

  • here's link for AMD forum AMD forum
  • and here's link to my web with some screenshots and photo of my fake Sempron Ferroun

Remarked Sempron 2800 in France [ April 14, 2006 ]

We got the mail from Mr.Marc of France. Needless to say, this Sempron is a fake, too.

I'm french, I bought it in Lille (north of France). Because my sempron2800 looks alike to the example of Russian, I think that it is a fake. The default core voltage is 1.775V (not 1.6V as it should be).

Enlarge of image

Remarked Sempron 2800 in eBay USA [ April 21, 2006 ]

We got the mail from Mr.David of Spain. Of course, this is a fake.

Hello, I bought this CPU in eBay USA. Looks like others CPUs from Germany and Finland with fresh cut L6 and L12 bridges.

This CPU works at 1.75 vCore and 46C IDLE - 52C FULL. Estable after 8h Torture test prime95.

The true Sempron must not have the pit in L6.

Remarked Sempron 2800 in Germany [ April 26, 2006 ]

We got the mail from M.Heinisch of Germany.

Hi,last month I found your page about these fake Sempron 2800+. After I bought a Sempron 2800+ in January from a german Internet store. I noticed immediately that the Voltage was too high, but the Support told me that the mainboard may cause the problem and I shouldn't worry about that... But because of the Information on your website I discovered that I own one of these fake Semprons, and hopefully I get a real one from the Store now.

This CPU works at 1.775 vCore and 49C IDLE - 54C FULL.
Enlarge of image

Thank you for your report

J.Mittelstaedt of Germany.
S.Ahvenlammi of Finland.
VeT of Moscow.
Ferroun of Czech.
Marc of France.
David of Spain.
M.Heinisch of Germany.

We think that this is urgent and important. We permit the photograph and information on these page to be used in case of being to inform many people of this article. Please link of fab51.com in that case.

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