The Geode NX 2001 processor exists certainly

AMD Geode NX 2001 1.8GHz 266MHz 256KB Socket A CPU


As for us, it was mysterious why the Geode NX2001 processor existed.

We asked AMD what kind of product the Geode NX 2001 was.
AMD was taught us,"The model has been shipped for a specific customer".
It was confirmed that the Geode NX 2001 processor had been shipped from AMD. Though, there are no official references to this processor.

The Geode NX 2001

The Geode NX 2001 processor is not a power saving model

It only shipped usual desktop processors by the name of "Geode NX 2001".

AMD Geode NX Processor has a very low core voltage. However, this Geode NX 2001 needs the same voltage as the desktop CPU's. It is because this CPU is a similar product to the Athlon XP-2200. Therefore, the core voltage is about 1.65V necessary.

This CPU is based on the Athlon XP 2200+ (Thoroughbred). Most desktop motherboards will detect this CPU as an Athlon XP 2200+, not as a Geode NX.

Technical Details

We confirmed the specification by analyzing the bridge of this CPU.
Neither T_Die nor TDP turned out. However, it is thought that TDP is about 60 watts.

AMD Geode NX 2001 Processors [ Thoroughbred, Process:130nm, L2 Cache:256K ]
Geode NX 2001 (About 60 watts)


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