AMD Sempron-754 OPN Guide

Specification of the Sempron - S754 Processors.

We have the following information.

reference : SocketA Sempron processor > Sempron-A

Sempron - Socket754

AMD has unveiled a new processor based on Athlon 64 architecture to serve the value PC segment. The latest core of Socket754 edition Sempron is 90nm process. The function of AMD64 and Enhanced Virus Protection was invalid in past Sempron. However, these became effective in newer Sempron.

AMD added 64bit function to Sempron in July, 2005.

We know 64bit function to be effective in DH-E3 and DH-E6 at least 0518 weeks after. The difference with Athlon 64 might be only a size of L2 chche. Moreover, 'AMD64 Sticker' is pasted in the retail package of AMD.

Mobile Sempron doesn't support 64bit function.

We found 64bit function to be not effective even if it was Mobile Sempronm of DH-E6. It was confirmed with Mobile Sempron2800 on 46 weeks of 2005.

Low Power Mobile Sempron with 90nm Process is Lidless pakcage like this photograph.


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AMD Sempron Processor 754pin - [ Process:90nm SOI]
AMD Sempron Processor TDP62W
SDA3400(2.0) 3100(1.8) 2800(1.6) 2500(1.4)
AIO3BX754 OuPGA*1.4069256kDH-E62, FC22C
SDA3300(2.0) 3000(1.8) 2600(1.6)
AIO2BX754 OuPGA*1.4069128kDH-E62, FC22C
SDA3100(1.8) 2800(1.6)
AIO3BO754 OuPGA*1.4069256kDH-E32, FC0 2C
SDA3300(2.0) 3000(1.8) 2600(1.6)AIO2BO754 OuPGA*1.4069128kDH-E32, FC02C
SDA3100(1.8) 2800(1.6)AIO3BA754 OuPGA*1.4069256kDH-D01, FC01C
SDA3300(2.0) 3000(1.8) 2600(1.6)AIO2BA754 OuPGA*1.4069128kDH-D01, FC01C
Mobile Sempron (Full-Size Notebooks)
-3400(2.0) 3100(1.8)-754 OuPGA*--256k---
-3600(2.0) 3300(2.0) 3000(1.8)-754 OuPGA*--128k---
Mobile Sempron (Thin and Light Notebooks) TDP25W
SMS3400(2.0) 3100(1.8) 2800(1.6)BQX3LF754 OuPGA*1.2095256kDH-E62, FC22C
SMS3300(2.0) 3000(1.8) 2600(1.6)BQX2LF754 OuPGA*1.2095128kDH-E62, FC22C
SMS2800(1.6) 3100(1.8)BOX3LB754 OuPGA*1.2595256kDH-D01, FC01C
SMS2600(1.6) 3000(1.8) 3100(1.8)BOX2LB754 OuPGA*1.2595128kDH-D01, FC01C

OPN 130nm

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AMD Sempron Processor 754pin - [ Process:130nm SOI]
AMD Sempron Processor TDP62W
SDA3100(1.8)AIP3AX754 OuPGA1.4070256kDH7-CGFC0C
SDA3000(1.8)AIP2AX754 OuPGA1.4070128kDH7-CGFC0C
Mobile Sempron (Full-Size Notebooks) TDP62W
SMN2800(1.6)BIX3AY754 OuPGA*1.4095256kCH7-CGF82-
SMN2600(1.6) 3000(1.8)BIX2AY754 OuPGA*1.4095128kCH7-CGF82-
Mobile Sempron (Thin and Light Notebooks) TDP25W
SMS2800(1.6)BOX3LA754 OuPGA*1.2595256kCH7-CGF82-
SMS2600(1.6)BOX2LA754 OuPGA*1.2595128kCH7-CGF82-

754 OuPGA : 754pin Organic Micro Pin Grid Array