AM3 platform, PhenomII OPN data

Next-generation platform for AMD64 CPUs.

AM3 processors

AM3 processors 65nm SOI

Phenom revC
PhenomII X3 of the Triple core processor was released first as AM3 processor series. The PhenomII has the third cache memory of 6MB shared in each core unlike a past AMD processor. As a result, AMD is assumed to be shortening the access time to data and an improvement of the performance.

Key Architectural Features - AMD PhenomII processors

  • AMD Balanced Smart Cache
    • Shared L3 cache (either 6MB or 4MB), 512K L2 cache per core
  • HyperTransport technology
    • One 16-bit link at up to 4000MT/s
    • Up to 8.0GB/s HyperTransport I/O bandwidth; Up to 16GB/s in HyperTransport Generation 3.0 mode
    • Up to 37GB/s total delivered processor-to-system bandwidth (HyperTransport bus + memory bus)
  • Integrated DRAM Controller
    • Support for unregistered DIMMs up to PC2 8500(DDR2-1066MHz) and PC3 10600 (DDR3-1333MHz) AM3
    • Up to 17.1GB/s memory bandwidth for DDR2 and up to 21GB/s memory bandwidth for DDR3

OPN AM3 processors

AM3 Quad-Core Processor Series [ 45nm SOI ]
V_CORET_CL2 L3rev.Schedule
AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core 125W (Deneb)
Phenom II X4 965 BEHDZ965FBK4DGIHDZ965FBGIBOX34000.875-1.50V 62512KB x46MBC22009/8, 140W
Phenom II X4 955 BEHDZ955FBK4DGIHDZ955FBGIBOX32000.875-1.50V 62512KB x46MBC22009/4
Phenom II X4 945 HDX945FBK4DGIHDX945FBGIBOX30000.875-1.50V 62512KB x46MBC22009/5
AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core 95W (Deneb)
Phenom II X4 945 HDX945WFK4DGIHDX945WFGIBOX30000.875-1.425V71512KB x46MBC22009/6
Phenom II X4 925 HDX925WFK4DGI- 28000.875-1.425V71512KB x46MBC2Q1 2009
Phenom II X4 910 HDX910WFK4DGI N/A 26000.875-1.425V71512KB x46MBC2-
Phenom II X4 820 HDX820WFK4FGI- 2800- 71512KB x44MBC2-
Phenom II X4 810 HDX810WFK4FGIHDX810WFGIBOX26000.875-1.425V71512KB x44MBC22009/2
Phenom II X4 805 HDX805WFK4FGI N/A 25000.875-1.425V71512KB x44MBC22009/2
AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core 65W (Deneb)
Phenom II X4 905e HD905EOCK4DGIHD905EOGIBOX25000.825-1.25V70512KB x46MBC22009/6
Phenom II X4 900e HD900EOCK4DGI N/A 24000.850-1.25V70512KB x46MBC2Q2 2009
AMD Athlon II X4 Quad-Core ??W (Propus)
Athlon II X4 630 ADX630WFK42GI- 2800- --512KB x40 C2 -
Athlon II X4 620 ADX620WFK42GI- 2600- --512KB x40 C2 -
AMD Athlon II X4 Quad-Core 45W (Propus)
Athlon II X4 605e AD605EHDK42GI- 2300- --512KB x40 C2Q2 2009
Athlon II X4 600e AD600EHDK42GI- 2200- --512KB x40 C2Q2 2009

e: Energy Efficient Processors

AM3 Triple-Core Processor Series [ 45nm SOI ]
V_CORET_CL2 L3rev.Schedule
AMD Phenom II X3 Triple-Core 95W (Heka)
Phenom II X3 740 BEHDZ740WFK3DGIHDZ740WFGIBOX3000- 73512KB x36MBC2-
Phenom II X3 720 BEHDZ720WFK3DGIHDZ720WFGIBOX28000.850-1.425V73512KB x36MBC22009/02
Phenom II X3 710 HDX710WFK3DGIHDX710WFGIBOX26000.875-1.425V73512KB x36MBC22009/02
AMD Phenom II X3 Triple-Core 65W (Heka)
Phenom II X3 705e HD705EOCK3DGIHD705EOGIBOX25000.80-1.25V72512KB x36MBC22009/6
Phenom II X3 700e HD700EOCK3DGI N/A 24000.825-1.25V72512KB x36MBC2Q2 2009
AMD Athlon II X3 Triple-Core 45W (Rana)
Athlon II X3 405e AD405EHDK32GI- 2300- --512KB x30 C2Q2 2009
Athlon II X3 400e AD400EHDK32GI- 2200- --512KB x30 C2Q2 2009

BE: Black Edition

AM3 Dual-Core Processor Series [ 45nm SOI ]
V_CORET_CL2 L3rev.Schedule
AMD Phenom II X2 Dual-Core 80W(Callisto)
Phenom II X2 550 BEHDZ550WFK2DGIHDZ550WGIBOX31000.850-1.425V70512KB x26MBC22009/6
Phenom II X2 545 HDX545WFK2DGIHDX545WGIBOX30000.875-1.425V70512KB x26MBC22009/7
AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core 65W(Regor)
Athlon II X2 250 ADX250OCK23GQADX250OCGQBOX30000.85-1.425V74 1MB x20 C22009/6
Athlon II X2 245 ADX245OCK23GQADX245OCGQBOX2900- 74 1MB x20 C22009/7
Athlon II X2 240 ADX240OCK23GQADX240OCGQBOX2800- 74 1MB x20 C22009/8
AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core 45W(Regor)
Athlon II X2 240e AD240EHDK23GQ- 2800- - 1MB x20 C2-
Athlon II X2 235e AD235EHDK23GQ- 2700- - 1MB x20 C2-

AM3 Single-Core Processor Series [ 45nm SOI ]
V_CORET_CL2 L3rev.Schedule
AMD Sempron Single-Core 45W
Sempron 140 SDX140HBK13GQSDX140HBGQBOX2700- 65 1MB0 C22009/8

Reduces processor energy consumption - AMD PhenomII processors

  • Cool'n'Quiet 3.0 technology
    • Enhanced power management features which automatically and instantaneously adjusts performance states and features based on processor performance requirements.
    • For quieter operation and reduced power requirements
  • AMD CoolCore Technology
    • Reduces processor energy consumption by turning off unused parts of the processor. For example, the memory controller can turn off the write logic when reading from memory, helping reduce system power.
    • Works automatically without the need for drivers or BIOS enablement.
    • Power can be switched on or off within a single clock cycle, saving energy with no impact to performance.
  • Dual Dynamic Power Management
    • Enables more granular power management capabilities to reduce processor energy consumption.
    • Separate power planes for cores and memory controller, for optimum power consumption and performance, creating more opportunities for power savings within the cores and memory controller.

Created : Feb 26, 2009