Multiplier on the fly - Confirmed list

The following report is applicable the Barton, Thoroughbred, Thorton and Applebred.

This report is inapplicable to laptopPC's as it is because of it which is written towards the motherboard for desktops. It is because processing of the bridge may have bad influence on operation of PowerNow! by the Laptops.However, description by my presumption is also included in it. Please confirm it for yourself.

The difference of operation by the motherboard.

It is necessary to check the BIOS vender of a motherboard and to consider how you have to change the bridges.

[ Type A ] The products are started by L3 multiplier, even when Mobile CPU is used.

At the Loked Athlon XP, it always starts in a rated multiplier also by the case of Mobile operation.
In these mother boards, it always starts by L3 multiplier or the fixed starting multiplier.
All are solved by closing L5 [1] and L5 [2].
According to our test, the BIOS vender applicable to it is Award.

We checked the following products.

ManufacturesProductsChip setCPUsNotes
AbitKV7KT600XP 2500+, L5-
AbitAT7 MAX2KT333XP-M 1400+-
ASUSA7V8XKT400XP-M 1500+4X is unstable.
ASUSA7V333KT333XP 2500+, L5[Zoltan]
ASUSA7S333SiS745XP 2500+, L5-
ASUSA7S266VMSiS740XP-M 2500+rev1.02 BIOS 1009
ASUSTerminator K7 DDRSiS740AHM1100AVS3B-
AopenAK77-600NKT600XP-M 2500+-
AOpen AK77-8X MaxKT400 XP-M 1600FWS3B-
AopenMK77MKM266XP-M 1700+-
AOpenAK76F-400NSiS748XP-M 1400+4X is unstable.
AOpenAK75SiS745XP-M 2500+-
BIOSTARM7VIT GrandKT600XP-M 1700+-
BIOSTARiDEQ 200VKM400XP-M 1500+-
BIOSTARM7VIG ProKM266XP 2500+, L5-
ChaintechCT-7SIDSiS735AX1600DMT3C, L5-
CFDKX333PROKT333XP-M 1700+-
ECSK7VTA3v5KT333T-Bred B[SieQ]
Epox8KMM3IKM400XP-M 2400+-
FICAT31RADEON 320 IGPXP 2500+, L5-
GigabyteGA-7VT880 ProKT-880XP-M 2500+-
GIGABYTEGA-7VT880-LKT880Sempron 2400+, L5[F/pokky]
GigabyteGA-7VT600-LKT600Duron1600, L5-
GigabyteGA-7VM400AMFKM400AXP 2500+, L5-
GigabyteGA-7VM400AMKM400AXP-M 1700+FSB automatic detection is a problem.
GigabyteGA-7VAXPKT400XP-M 1700+-
GigabyteGA-7VTXH+KT266AXP-M 1400+AMI BIOS
IwillK7S2SiS746FXXP-M 1700+5x to 11x
MSIK7MasterAMD761/VT82C686BXP-M 1800+-
-FLORA Prius Deck 530UKL133XP-M 2500+[F/nabegon]
IwillMPX2AMD-760MPXDual XP-M 2500+ We were successful.
TyanTigerMPXAMD-760MPXDual XP-MWe were successful.
Dual XP-MIt seems that it is possible.

A Dual processor is also possible for multiplier change. However, since the load of a power supply circuit is changed rapidly, it does not necessarily succeed.

[ Type B ] The products are started by L6 multiplier , when Mobile CPU is used.

Also by the case of the Loked Athlon, it can start by L6 by making it operate by Mobile.
At these motherboards, when L5 [2] is closed, it starts in L6 multiplier. Since it is going to start by 24X if you close L5 [1], cautions are required of these products. With the following products, change of the maximum multiplier is based on processing of the L6 bridge. And we recommend you for L5 [1] to leave as it is.
According to our test, the BIOS vender applicable to it is AMI.

We checked the following products.

ManufacturesProductsChip setCPUsNotes
AsrockK7S8X-E+SiS748XP 2600+, L5AMI v1.91a [Fr/jerome]
AsrockK7VT6KT600Athlon XP*, L5AMI v1.30 [ow/tsukasam]
AsrockK7VT4A+KT400AAthlon XP*, L5AMI v1.30 [ow/tsukasam]
AsrockK7VM4VIA KM400Athlon XP*, L5AMI v2.50 [ow/tsukasam]
AsrockK7VM3KM266ProSempron 2400+, L5AMI v1.30 [F/ita]
BIOSTARM7VIG 400KM266ProAthlon XP, L5Award [ow/tsukasam]
ECSL7S7A2SiS746XP 2500+, L5AMI [F/fuji]
IWillXP333-RALiMAGiK 1XP-M1400+Award [F/Tomyy]
MSIKT6 Delta-FISRKT600XP-M 2600+AMI ver.5.10,5.40[F/paar]
MSIKT6 Delta-LSRKT600XP 2500+, L5AMI [F/mikenoko]
MSIKT4V (MS-6712)KT400XP 2500+, L5AMI [F/ita]
MSIKT3 UltraKT333XP-M 1500+AMI ver5.6 [F/paar]
MSIK7T266 Pro2-RU
KT266AAXMD1800FQV3CAMI ,C37 is deleted.
MSIMS-6378 VER.3KLE133Duron 1.4GHz, L5Award [noge]

In the Asrock, selection of a starting multiplier is possible by Newest BIOS also at the Loked Athlon.

We think that starting by the L3 may be attained by patching up BIOS. We expect "work" of the excellent programmer who can solve this problem of AMI.

[ Type F ] The product which is not supported

With these products, just as it is going to change a multiplier from software, it freezes. It seems that it is almost impossible. According to our test, it does not operate in the chip set of the nVidia.

ManufacturesProductsChip setCPUsNotes
****nVidia Athon XP-MFreeze
****VIA KT-133 Athon XP-MFreeze
AbitNF7-S rev2nForce2-NG
ASUSA7N8X2.0nForce2Barton 2500+, L5NG
AOpenAK73 PROKT133XP-M 1800+Award, 9.5x
EpoxEP-8RDA+ rev2.xnForce2XP-M 2500+NG
GIGABYTEGA-7N400Pro2nForce2XP 2400, L5NG
MSIK7N420 PronForce420D-NG
MSIK7Pro2AKT133 or KT133AXP 1700+, L5NG

Thank you for having operation of a mother board checked.
Many BBS members about Athlon in the world. And the BBS member about Athlon in japan.
The test became possible by CrystalCPUID and CPUMSR. I am thankful to these authors.
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The answer from us to the locked Athlon 01/29/2004

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